Quadzilla vs. Mothra

If you are not on our tasting mailing list and would like to chime in on this epic Fat Orange Cat battle, please email or message me your email address. We plan on having one more tasting event before we hopefully open in June.
Godzilla vs MothraQuadzilla vs Mothra

6 Comments on “Quadzilla vs. Mothra

  1. I’d like to be added to your mailing list because your beers sound fantastic. And ps- I have a fat orange cat that I adore, so i’m even more excited to support your fine establishment!

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  2. Hi Kristin! Terrific. I put you on the list – our next and final tasting before we open will be in 5 or 6 weeks. I love that you have your very own fat orange cat! I am hearing such great stories from cat lovers. I am thinking of putting up a bulletin board when we open where people can post pictures. Cheers!


  3. Let me know when your ready to serve. I own
    The Tavern on 66. I would be happy to try some
    of your beers. Thx!


    • Hi Bonnie! Thank you so much. We told Loco Perro that we would be exclusively there in East Hampton for our first season while we get up and running, but I would love to talk to you about the possibility in the future. We really appreciate it!


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