Growlers & Tasting Glasses Have Arrived.



We are toasting the arrival of our glassware today: 1 L flip-top growlers and 8 oz. glasses. Pictured is Jalapeno Jack (Sheila’s choice) and Last Days of May (Mike’s double IPA). A beer list and description page is soon to come.

Cheers, and thank you so much for your support!


3 Comments on “Growlers & Tasting Glasses Have Arrived.

  1. You have got to get some merchandising. Your logo is the best. Shirts, pint glasses, tote bags, hats, ect.. It would be great. I hope to visit this summer. Make sure you can order by mail, though. Be sure to also put your location on your merchandise.



    • Hi Carole! Thank you so much! Yes, we agree that we need to get on that! We are hoping to have some merchandise by the time we open in early July (we hope). Again, thank you, and stay tuned! Cheers:)


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