Month: May 2016

Look For The Paw.

Many thanks to incredibly talented designer/woodworker and passionate beer lover Thom Sawyer (owner of Chatham Housewrights for this prototype handle being tested in our home taproom. “I saw the paw at…”  Stayed tuned!  

CT River Museum RiverFare.

Cheers and many thanks to all the really great folks we met and wonderful feedback on Jalapeno Jack and Quadzilla.

Coming Soon: Jalapeno Jack made with DeFrancesco Farm peppers.

Mike talks jalapenos with our friend Alex DeFrancesco of DeFrancesco Farm and Four Brothers Till (he brews amazing beer – watch for this coming very soon). We can’t thank Alex enough for our flowers-for-beer barter friendship as well.

Ultimate 57 Imperial IPA 10.6%

We think we nailed it, and can’t wait to get this one out there!

TGIF from Fat Orange Cat: Something for Everyone.

Maggie the Dog: Spent brew grain peanut butter treats (thank you Deschutes Brewery in Bend, OR for the best recipe). Maeve & Bobby the Goats: Straight up spent brew grains. Dexter the Cat: Beer.

Progress in the Brew Barn.

Yesterday was our first day of brewing in the barn. We still have a way to go: building faucet coolers, waiting on the brite tanks and the recycled pallet bar, and so much more to do before we open. But damn this still feels good. Cheers!