Jalapeno Jack   5+% Cream Ale

Cream ale infused with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers. Our process creates a unique brew with the aroma and flavor of jalapeno without the heat. Add a wedge of lime for a refreshing variation.

Code of Harry 6.8% IPA (limited amount)

This IPA is a grown up Surfside 6 pale ale, with a bit more of everything. The Sarachi Ace hops in Code of Harry gives this lighter, refreshing IPA in our lineup a hint of lemon and a balanced bitterness.

Courageous Cat 8% double IPA

This is the first in the Courageous Cat/Minute Mouse/The Frog trilogy. This is refreshing and hop forwarded with the citrus and tropical flavors of Citra hops.

Ultimate 57  10.6% Imperial IPA

This Imperial IPA is hop-heavy with six different hops, with the citrus flavor of Simcoe up front without the typical IPA bitterness.

The Raven 6.7% Chocolate Porter

This porter is not at all sweet. Three dark malts are used in this brew, but the highest percentage is the chocolate malt giving it this distinct flavor.

Guest brewer Bo Kolcio’s Scotch Ale 6.8%abv  (very limited amount)

A traditional scotch ale brewed with Scottish malt with a touch of peated malt.  A sweet, malty and smokey ale. 


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