Jalapeno Jack   5.5% Cream Ale

Cream ale infused with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers. Our process creates a unique brew with the aroma and flavor of jalapeno without the heat. Add a wedge of lime for a refreshing variation.

Billy Beer  IPA 7.9% ABV is a New England style IPA. The special blend of hops brings out a distinct orange flavor.

Courageous Cat   8% Double IPA

This is refreshing, hop forwarded with the citrus and tropical flavors of Citra hops.

Talking Backwards   8.5% Belgian IPA

Featuring the unique flavor of a Belgian yeast strain coupled with IPA style hops and grains.

Severe Tire Damage  9.4% New England-style IPA

Hop forwarded with Simco, Citra and Mosaic hops.

Surfside 6   6% Pale Ale (Limited amount)

The Sarachi Ace hops give a slight dill and lemon flavor, resulting in a refreshing, thirst-quenching light pale ale.


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