1. JALAPENO JACK  •  CREAM ALE  •  6.4% 32oz $10 Cream ale infused with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers. Our process creates a unique brew with the aroma and flavor of jalapeno without the heat.

2. POSITIVE WAVES  •  DOUBLE IPA  •  9.2% 32oz $12 This is the scaled down version of Ultimate 57, dry-hopped with the citrus flavor of the simcoe hop: hoppy beer but not bitter.

3. NEMESIS  •  DOUBLE IPA  •  8% 32oz $12 Courageous Cat and The Frog collide with both Citra and Mosaic hops, resulting in our new Double IPA with balanced hints of citrus, berry and pine.

4. TALKING BACKWARDS  •  BELGIAN IPA  •  8.4% 32oz $12 Featuring the unique flavor of a Belgian yeast strain coupled with IPA style hops and grains.

5. HOPKICK MURPHY  •  DOUBLE IPA  •  10.1% 32oz $12 Mosaic is the dominant hop, and we use plenty of local honey. Give it a try even if you think you’re not an IPA person – it isn’t at all bitter.

6. THE RAVEN  •  PORTER  •  6.6% 32oz $12 This porter is not at all sweet. Three dark malts are used in this brew, but the highest percentage is the chocolate malt giving it this distinct flavor.

7. SLEEPING IN  •  STOUT  •  9% 32oz $12 Guest brewer Scott Cross. This is the higher octane version of Scott’s Breakfast In Bed. Dark roast coffee, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs and local maple syrup.

8. MOTHRA  •  BELGIAN STRONG ALE  •  11.4% 32oz $15 Our Belgian quad with bourbon-soaked French oak chips, giving this specialty beer a nice, mellow smokey flavor. Limited amount. 

9. TEQUILA SHEILA  •  CREAM ALE  •  6.6% 32oz $11  Limited amount. This is our spicy hot version of Jalapeno Jack. The tequila and cherry pepper flavors add a subtle change in flavor.

10. EVERYTHING EQUAL  PALE ALE Guest Brewer Bo Kolcio Limited amountSingle malt single hop Pale Ale. Hints of melon, lime, papaya, orange and pine.

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