Big Saturday, June 24th lineup! CLOSED Sunday, June 25th (we will resume limited Sunday hours starting July 2nd). Yes… Double Consensus NE IPA is ready. Thank you!

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JALAPENO JACK  •  CREAM ALE  •  6.3% Cream ale infused with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers. Our process creates a unique brew with the aroma and flavor of jalapeno without the heat.

SOLSTICE IPA 8.5%  Of the three hops used, the El Dorado stands out creating a distinct flavor in this new fruity NE style IPA (pictured below).

Solstice 8.5 NE IPA

WALKABOUT  •  NE IPA  •  8.4% The combination of specialty grains and hop varieties used in Walkabout create a balanced, slightly citrusy and bitter taste.

TRUST NO ONE  •  NE IPA  •  8.3% A trio of hops, including El Dorado, create a unique citrusy flavor in this new juicy NE IPA.

TAKE NO PRISONERS  •  DOUBLE NE IPA  •  10.4% A citrusy New England style IPA with a soft mouth feel, low bitterness and balanced hop character.

DOUBLE CONSENSUS  •  9.5% The same juicy, hop-forward New England style IPA with a ramped up ABV.

TEQUILA SHEILA  •  CREAM ALE  • 7% LIMITED AMOUNT. This is our spicy hot version of Jalapeno Jack. The tequila and cherry pepper flavors add a subtle change in flavor.

16 ounce can 4-PACKS:

SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE IPA 8%  New England style IPA hop forwarded with a trio of hops, creating tropical fruit notes.


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