Saturday, July 29th Lineup: Cream ale, pale ale, Belgian quad and 6 IPAs, both New England and traditional. It’s going to be a beautiful day!

Lineup Pic July 29

Saturday from 12pm to 5pm for tastings, fills and 4-packs.

Sunday from 12pm to 3pm for Grab-and-Go 4-packs and limited pre-filled Crowlers.

JALAPENO JACK  •  CREAM ALE  •  6.6% Cream ale infused with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers. Our process creates a unique brew with the aroma and flavor of jalapeno without the heat.

LUCI  •  AMERICAN PALE ALE  •  6.4% Our new refreshing pale ale.

NEMESIS  •  IPA  •  7.2% Combination of two hops, resulting in our double IPA with balanced hints of citrus, berry and pine.

TRUST NO ONE  •  NE IPA  •  8.5% A trio of hops, including El Dorado, create a unique citrusy flavor in this new juicy NE IPA.

CONSENSUS  •  NE IPA  •  7.6% Juicy, hop-forward New England style IPA.

QUADZILLA  •  BELGIAN STRONG ALE  •  11.2% A Belgian Quad with heaps of tasty fruity esters, compliments of the Belgian Trappist yeast. The complex malt backbone hides the high alcohol content.Quadzilla July29

ELLA • IPA • 7.6% ON DECK: Refreshing American IPA.


SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE  •  DOUBLE IPA  •  8% New England style IPA hop forwarded with a trio of hops, creating tropical fruit notes.

LAUNCH DOUBLE IPA 8% A juicy New England Style IPA with low bitterness and a clean citrus flavor.




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