Saturday, December 16th Lineup: Our pepper cream ale, coffee maple stout, milkshake style NE IPA and FIVE different NE IPAs to try. CHEERS!

Sign In Snow

We are open from 11AM to 4PM for tastings, our Crowler fills and your growler fills.

December 9th first snow FOC sign photo by Tina McCurdy.

JALAPENO JACK  •  CREAM ALE  •  6% Cream ale infused with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers. Our process creates a unique brew with the aroma and flavor of jalapeno without the heat.

SWEET GINGER (SWEET JANE 2) •  NE IPA  •  7.3% MILKSHAKE STYLE. Sweet and creamy NE IPA with just a bit of vanilla and orange zest and zero bitterness (contains lactose).

 SOMEONE IN MY HEAD  •  NE IPA  •  8.9% Juicy New England style IPA with a variety of fruit notes.

THE MACHINE  •  NE IPA  •  7.6% New England style IPA with a hop combination creating a unique flavor profile.

 WORTHY OPPONENT  •  NE IPA  •  7.3%  Strong but smooth with an earthy dank character.

ELLA  •  IPA  •  7.6%  Lighter, refreshing NE IPA.

 BREAKFAST IN BED  •  STOUT  •  7.7% Maple coffee stout, with dark roast coffee, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs and dark maple syrup from Rick’s Sugar Shack right down the road here in town.


 SOLSTICE  •  NE IPA  •  7.9% Of the three hops used, the El Dorado stands out creating a distinct flavor in this fruity NE style IPA.



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