Month: July 2019

July 27th & 28th Weekend Lineup: OPEN Saturday 12pm to 5pm and Sunday 12pm to 3pm.

TASTINGS AND FILLS: EVOLUTION ORANGE  •  NE/HAZY IPA  •  7.1% Fruited IPA is sure to quench your thirst. It’s delightfully fruity and bright! Made with real oranges and generously hopped with Azacca and Lemondrop hops. KEITH DON’T GO  •  NE/HAZY IPA  •  6% Creamy, Easy Drinking. I AM THE WALRUS  •  NE/HAZY… Read More

JULY 20TH & 21ST LINEUP: Pictured is WALKABOUT ORANGE CRANBERRY SOUR & SHE’S A RAINBOW DIPA small batch. OPEN SATURDAY 12PM to 5PM and SUNDAY 12PM to 3PM, with a new water mister going to cool you off a bit (if you choose, of course).

TASTINGS and FILLS: WALKABOUT ORANGE & CRANBERRY • SOUR ALE • 6% This is a new orange cranberry version of our WALKABOUT sour series. ONE CROWLER LIMIT. TASTINGS ONLY ON SUNDAY. SHE’S A RAINBOW • NE/HAZY IPA • 6.8% The combination of… Read More

July 13th & 14th Lineup: OPEN Saturday 12PM to 5PM and Sunday 12PM to 3PM. Beat the summer heat with some nice, cold beer!

Photobomb by Dorothy the Chicken:) TASTINGS and FILLS:  DREAMBOAT ABBEY   BELGIAN TRIPEL  9.5%German hops coupled with the Belgian yeast create refreshing and slightly fruity Belgian Tripel. KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR 6.9% NE IPA This beer has plenty of honey and Azacca hops, creating… Read More

Keeping the Independence Day party going! July 6th & 7th Lineup: OPEN Saturday 12PM to 5PM and Sunday 12PM to 3PM.

Pictured is FOC’s great friend Charlene H. representing in a N.A. way while navigating this ship. CHEERS, Charlene! TASTINGS and FILLS:  WALKABOUT GUAVA & PASSION FRUIT  •  NE IPA  •  6.3% NEW JULY 6TH . This is the Guava & Passion Fruit version of our WALKABOUT Sour… Read More