Month: July 2020

OPEN AIR BEER-THRU Thursday feature is a flavorful and refreshing NEW GOSE.

JALAPENO LIME GOSE 5% This new refreshing Gose is perfect for summertime sipping in the sun or shade. There is no heat and just a bit of jalapeño and lime in balance with the flavorful sour- with just a hint of salt. Here is the link to shop: THANK YOU!

Our OPEN AIR BEER-THRU features for Wednesday evening: A new SWEET JANE BEER and the last 15 prints of a limited addition of 100.

We saved these last few posters from last year so we could put them out there along with the beer. It’s been quite a while! We’re so excited about this version of the beer so here you go:🐾🐾🐾 SWEET JANE BLOOD ORANGE 7.3% Milkshake style IPA. This edition features Blood orange, vanilla, and milk sugar. …

OPEN AIR BEER-THRU Online ordering is OPEN for Saturday, August 1st pickup (and TUESDAY 4PM to 5PM by appointment).

We have plenty of the new SWEET JANE BLOOD ORANGE MILKSHAKE Style IPA ready to go, a bunch of other IPAs, a new GOSE, this NEW WALKABOUT BLACKBERRY PEACH SOUR (2 Crowler limit) and more! Here is the link to shop: THANK YOU!


This edition features blood orange, vanilla, and milk sugar, and is available here at FOC’s OPEN AIR BEER-THRU pickup this coming Saturday, August 1st with ordering beginning on Wednesday. This is also available at Twelve Percent Beer Project this week. We’re so excited for you to try this, and Leslie Herman label artist we’ve missed …

IT’S OPEN AIR BEER-THRU CATURDAY! You can still order online for pickup today, thanks to our rapid response FOC FORCE 4 team. Just please adhere to your time slot on your receipt.

The featured beer of the day has been out for only two weeks, and we are so excited by the response! TRAFFIC LIGHTS TURN BLUE TOMORROW 8.5% DOUBLE NEIPA The combination of Citra, Mosaic and Eureka hops creates a grapefruit/citrus flavor profile in this hazy, creamy and fruity Double IPA with a dry and refreshing …

OPEN AIR BEER-THRU feature for Wednesday evening:

IT’S AN IPA EXTRAVAGANZA! We have SEVEN different IPAs this week, all with unique flavor profiles. A few are harder to get than others, but they are all here for your outdoor and socially distanced retrieval this coming Saturday, cold and ready to go right into your cooler.🍻🍻🍻🍺🐈 Here is the link to shop:

OPEN AIR BEER-THRU ordering is OPEN for Saturday, July 25th pickup (or Monday by appointment).

We have a NEW WALKABOUT SOUR variety, JALAPENO JACK & TEQUILA SHEILA Pepper Pale Ales and our white stout. We also have a whole bunch of IPAs, including the return of this one, brought to you by two IG California beauties, @queenlindycat (Lindy) and @extraunsavory (Captain, the only licensed feline tattoo artist in North America): …

OPEN AIR BEER-THRU TUESDAY featured beer for todays a NEW Sour variety (pictured): WALKABOUT PASSION FRUIT ORANGE GUAVA 6% SOUR This is truly a fruity festival of flavors!

IMPORTANT OPEN AIR BEER-THRU CHANGE: Ordering will still take place from Wednesday at 11:30AM and close on Saturday evening at 10PM. SATURDAY will still be the pickup day, but the backup time slot is now going to be MONDAY from 4 to 5:30PM. We have a big lineup coming for this July 25th weekend. Stay …

AND WE’RE A GO! The 10AM to 11AM time slot for pickup folks are coming through for OPEN AIR DRIVE-THRU CATURDAY!

You can still place an order today for same day pickup later this afternoon – check out the COLD 4-packs that are still available: FEED ME A STRAY CAT, TRAFFIC LIGHTS TURN BLUE TOMORROW, SHE DRIVES A PLYMOUTH SATELLITE, BABY KITTENS and more. ORDER ONLINE ONLY for an easy and socially distanced outdoor pickup. Here …

OPEN AIR-DRIVE-THRU featured beer for Thursday evening: HOW HIGH CAN YOU FLY? 10.9% Marshmallow Pistachio Stout.

This brand new 10.9% stout has an entirely unique, wonderful and robust flavor created by a generous amount of crushed pistachios combined with a big specialty grain bill. 32 oz Crowler **Contains REAL crushed NUTS and LACTOSE** We also have a BIG variety of others. Here is the link to shop: THANK YOU!