Come warm up here this Saturday, December 17th for a tasting and growler fill with both a stout and a porter in the lineup.



Sleeping In Coffee Stout

Guest brewer Scott Cross. This is the higher octane version (9% ABV) of Scott’s popular Breakfast In Bed. Stout with dark roast coffee, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs and dark Vermont maple syrup.

The Raven Chocolate Porter

This porter is not at all sweet. Three dark malts are used in this brew, but the highest percentage is the chocolate malt giving it this distinct flavor.


Pellets, Propane, Plastic, No Problem! December 10th was crazy fun and cozy in the brew barn.

We are open for the three more Saturdays of 2016, then reopen in April 2017. Stay tuned for winter Crowler availability here and there, And THANK YOU!

A special thank you to our young customer Michael who came along for the ride and animal fun here and created an amazing drawing for the Billy Board. We love it.

There’s nothing like warming up by a fire with a tropical stout: December 10th introducing Black Pearl.

This special style of stout that is popular in Jamaica starts with a chocolate flavor enhanced by a citrus taste from the hops and then a slightly bitter finish. Perfect alone or with a slice of rum cake… or a little rum.

In the Saturday, December 10th lineup: The last batch of our Porcelain Doll heirloom pumpkin holiday season saison until next autumn.

Talky Tina is one of brewery owner Sheila’s personal favorites, with the fresh-cut and roasted pumpkin. With a heavy heart and a personal stash for Christmas in the frig, we say CHEERS until next year to this one.talky-tina-stuff



From Oskar Blues:


“A CROWLER (CAN +growler) is a 32-ounce CAN filled with fresh craft beer from the source. Yep, draft beer in a portable growler –sized CAN. It’s obb-nolocation-1the newest innovation coming from the Oskar Blues Brewery taproom and their development partner Ball Corporation, the pioneers of the American craft brew in-a-CAN movement.

As always, CANs, even big ones, are more portable and less breakable than glass, making the CROWLER a natural partner for your next beer soaked outdoor experience.”

Many thanks to Bruce Williams for our label design.

FOC Crowlers coming soon to a farm market and possibly package store near you. We close our tasting room for the winter but we are not going away.


Billy IPA is back this coming Saturday, June 10th.

We are once again so excited to pay tribute to our big, sweet guy and allbilly-beer of the beautiful cats and dogs that have become an important part of our brewery.


Billy WavingBilly IPA 7.9% ABV is a
New England style IPA. The special blend of hops brings out a distinct orange flavor.


Together in the December 10th lineup: Courageous Cat vs. The Frog: Mosaic vs. Citra hops. Side by side for the first time. Bring it.


Courageous Cat   8.4% Double IPA

This is the first of three beers in the Courageous Cat Trilogy. This is refreshing, hop forwarded with the citrus and tropical flavors of Citra hops.

The Frog   8.4% Double IPA

As the third in the Courageous Cat trilogy, The Frog is a very flavor-and-bitterness-balanced IPA that continues through to the finish with the Mosaic hops.

Original artwork by Beverley Fisher, FOC beer soap by Ere and Moss, rustic bottle openers by Firepit Woodworks and as always our t-shirts and hoodies!

Jalapeno Jack  cream ale

Cream ale infused with a generous amount of jalapeno peppers. Our process creates a unique brew with the aroma and flavor of jalapeno without the heat. Add a wedge of lime for a refreshing variation.

Tequila Sheila  jalapeno and cherry pepper cream ale LIMITED AMOUNT

This is our hot and slightly different flavored version of Jalapeno Jack. The tequila and cherry pepper flavors are a subtle change but the heat level is definitely not a dainty difference.

Courageous Cat   double IPA

This is refreshing, hop forwarded with the citrus and tropical flavors of Citra hops. This was an IPA lovers crowd favorite last year during our tastings.

Ultimate 57  imperial IPA

This imperial IPA is hop-heavy with six different hops, with the citrus flavor of Simcoe up front without the typical IPA bitterness.

Talky Tina    Belgian saison

Porcelain Doll heirloom pumpkins, maple syrup and honey.

Quadzilla    Belgian quad

A Belgian Quad with heaps of tasty fruity esters, compliments of the Belgian Trappist yeast. The complex malt backbone hides the high alcohol content.

Breakfast in Bed maple coffee milk stout LIMITED AMOUNT

Guest brew Scott Cross of Third Stage Brewing. Stout with dark roast coffee, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs and dark Vermont maple syrup.