Saturday, September 24th: Ultimate 57 Imperial IPA 10.1% is back in the rotation. Cheers!


We sold out this past Saturday of Positive Waves  8% Double IPA, the scaled down version of Ultimate 57. This Imperial IPA is hop-heavy with six different hops, with the citrus flavor of Simcoe up front without the typical IPA bitterness.

Saturday, September 17: Introducing Walkabout 8.3% Double IPA. Cheers!

The combination of specialty grains used in Walkabout along with the Amarillo hops adds a touch of sweetness to this flavorful double IPA.

Saturday, September 17: Positive Waves 8.3% Double IPA is back. Cheers!

Last week a few folks asked when Positive Waves would be back, so come on over this weekend for a try or fill! Positive Waves is the scaled down version of Ultimate 57, dry-hopped with the citrus flavor of the simcoe hop: hoppy beer but not bitter.

Saturday, September 10th: Introducing Rain 5.8% pale ale.


This ale has a clear progression from the sweeter flavor hops to a bittering balanced finish.

Saturday, September 10th: Introducing The Frog 8.4% Double IPA (the 3rd in the Courageous Cat Trilogy).

The Frog is the third in this series. A few folks have asked for Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse again, and they certainly will be back in the rotation.  The Frog is a very flavor-and-bitterness-balanced IPA that continues through to the finish. Cheers!


Saturday, September 10th: Introducing Hopkick Murphy 10+% Imperial IPA.

Mosaic is the dominant hop, and we use plenty of local honey. Give it a try even if you think you’re not an IPA person, because it isn’t at all bitter.