Opening Saturday, August 13th from noon to 5PM. Please stop in!

We will begin by opening on Saturday afternoons for tastings and growler fills. Soon you will find us on tap as well in several CT bars and restaurants. Cheers!


How it will work here starting August 13th at Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.

We are licensed and permitted to serve tastings and growler fills only on the premises.

When you arrive, you can buy our tasting glass for $5.00 to bring home and enjoy, and you’ll get four Fat Orange Cat poker chips to trade in for the tastings of your choice. If you would like, you can then purchase our growlers or bring your own and buy a fill or two or three or four, etc.

For a glass of our beer out on the town, we will be on tap in several great places TBA.

Thank you so much for your support!

Small State Great Farms.

Our first batch of Jalapeno Jack soon to be brewed with 100% Connecticut peppers, thanks to DeFrancesco Farm in Northford, CT. And yes, these photo shoots are fun. Cheers!

Behind the scenes: Still not exactly put together but the beer is ready.

Beer and great music. What more do we really need for a party? We are so psyched to thank many people and also welcome new folks this coming Sunday, July 24 at 2 PM. We are still shooting to officially open August 6 for tastings and growler sales, but have a few things to do before we can nail down a date. Cheers, and many thanks!

We’re so close now!

We are still shooting for an August 6 opening, and welcome all here for our thank you party on July 24th.

Today we brew (and drink a little) Jalapeno Jack, then tomorrow head for one night to check in on family in Belfast, ME. Beautiful coastal town and amazing beer at Marshall Wharf Brewing Company (Maeve’s favorite).