Jalapeno Jack Cream Ale: CT Grown Jalapenos from DeFrancesco Farm. Plenty ready to go for Saturday. Cheers!

We just bought another chest freezer and will try to brew this beer all year with these local peppers. We’ll go get another fresh-picked batch this Friday.

By the way, Jalapeno Jack is wonderful with a little lime!

Courageous Cat Double IPA sold out: Our mellower variation called Minute Mouse Double IPA rotating in this coming Saturday, August 27th. Cheers!

Thanks to all the great folks who came out last Saturday, and for working with the new parking plan our awesome neighbors (Adam, Sheila, Tom and Lori) created for our ongoing use!

It was sad to see Courageous Cat kick, but we think you’ll also enjoy this varied blend of Amarillo and Citra, creating the bit mellower flavor of Minute Mouse Double IPA.

Photos by Bruce Williams.

Updated Lineup for Saturday, August 20th. Cheers!

Last week, we had a free additional tasting of brewmaster Mike’s Tequila Sheila and sold out of our limited amount. This week we are introducing a fifth free additional tasting of our friend and guest brewer Bo Kolcio‘s pale ale called Flight. This delicious ale has a tropical bouquet  with hints of passion fruit, grapefruit and lemon. Some of you have met Bo over the course of this past year and tasted his beer either here or out at tasting events with us, and we are so excited to serve this ale tomorrow!group shot

The lineup for Saturday, August 20th:

Surfside 6  5% Pale Ale

Jalapeno Jack  5.8% Cream Ale

Courageous Cat  8% Double IPA (limited amount)

ULTIMATE 57  10.8% Imperial IPA (limited amount)

Quadzilla   10.6% Belgian Quad

Flight  5.5% Pale Ale (limited amount)

Parking Plan: We look forward to seeing you Saturday afternoons!


FOC ParkingWe are working with the town to make every effort to reduce disruption and increase safety while we are open.

Please pull up to the barn – we have six designated parking spots. If it is full, there is plenty of space to turn around and park on Jacobsen Farm Road and walk down to the drive by the our sign. There are also a few spots by the pond beyond our drive – just make sure to pull far to the right but not too far to the right!

New Glasses For Sale: Pictured is a nice cold pour of Surfside 6 Pale Ale.

We don’t serve full glasses of beer (only tastings and growler fills) but we are selling this glass for $5 starting this coming Saturday. Cheers!

The Lineup for Saturday, August 20th from 12PM to 5PM. Cheers!

Tasting Glass and GrowlerSurfside 6  5% Pale Ale

Jalapeno Jack  5.8% Cream Ale

Courageous Cat  8% Double IPA (limited amount)

ULTIMATE 57  10.8% Imperial IPA (limited amount)

Quadzilla   10.6% Belgian Quad




Two IPAs on tap this coming Saturday: Courageous Cat 8% Double IPA and ULTIMATE 57 10.6% Imperial IPA.

If you enjoyed Advanced 57 last week, we think you’ll want to try ULTIMATE 57: same hops but a beefed up grain bill and a bit more body.

Courageous Cat is refreshing, hop forwarded with the citrus and tropical flavors of Citra hops. This was an IPA lovers crowd favorite last year during our tastings.

You asked for Brewmaster Billy the cat on a shirt. You got it. Beer lineup for Saturday coming on Wednesday. We think you will like!

If we didn’t have your size this past Saturday, please check in two weeks from now. Also, stickers were requested and we are working on those for give-aways. We are so psyched to post the lineup for this coming Saturday very soon. Thank you!FOCShirts

Opening Day: Record Heat, Best Beer Lovin’ Folks Ever. Thank you!

We can’t thank folks enough for coming out yesterday in 100-degree heat to our open air brewery. The day was beyond our wildest expectations thanks to you all.

The lineup for August 13th: Tastings, growler fills and plenty of places to eat in town and terrific activities!

Folks have asked us about food and glasses of beer. We are only licensed for tastings and growler fills, but will have a designated cork board for posting eats and activities in the area. We think you will be impressed with the variety of food nearby and the abundance of activities.

The beer for August 13th:

Jalapeno Jack  5.8% Cream Ale

Quadzilla 10.8 % Belgian Quad

Advanced 57 9.7% Double IPA

Surfside 6 5% Pale Ale

Tequila Sheila 6% Hot Cream Ale (very limited amount this week)


Tasting Glass and Growler