Tasting update: A few questions answered.

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Brother Bluto version A is made with a Belgian Trappist yeast. B is a Belgian Abbey yeast, which is a bit less sweet and more appropriate for the beer: it was also more popular with our tasters.

Area 27: A is made with a London Ale yeast which is fruitier. B is a dryer American Ale yeast. Version A was slightly more popular but it was close, so version B may be brewed again with a different name (kind of companion brews like our Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse).


Thank you all so much for coming out, and for all the great feedback on both our experiments and on our older recipes.

Jalapeno Jack: Special toast to Westfield, NJ today. Cheers, Mates!

Fat Orange Cat loves Billy Bash.We are looking forward to seeing Westfield Beer Ambassadors Gottlick and Parizeau tomorrow.


Bat house on hop yard post…barn…goats wrestling over spent brew grains.

Hopefully our bats are coming back…it’s time to convert the barn… the new brew equipment is starting to arrive…the goats are just really cute and fun.

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Quadzilla and…maybe Mothra?

We are taste-testing our Quadzilla modified test batch tonight, after adding the bourbon soaked chips for about two weeks. Visually, not much of a change. But wow, are they different. We love them both but are a bit biased. We can’t wait to see what the tasting folks think. Quadzilla & Reserve




Bottles with Tags


We don’t have our own bottles or glasses yet and can only give our beer away at this point, but these two bottles heading to Boston today with a friend still clearly are sporting our mark.

This will all change very soon, as we finalize the glassware designs. We are still on target for a June 2016 opening. Cheers, mates!

Homemade Belgian candi sugar.

A key ingredient in our Belgian beers for flavor, yeast activity and appearance.