Mexican Brown Ale: Black Panther.

…debuts tomorrow.

Plus a Belgian IPA that we love but are putting out there in five different forms. We can’t wait for the critique to begin! Of course we will have glasses of the tried and true recipes to sip on as well.
Black Panther

Jalapeno Jack on fire: Tequila Sheila.

…debuts tomorrow. Not for the faint of heart.
Tequila Sheila


Bottling the Mothra: 9% Belgian Quad with Bourbon Soaked Oak Chips.

MothraWe’ll see next weekend if Mothra belongs in Belgian bombers… also we are out of space as we go through this awkward barn conversion phase… no worries, mates!

Positive Waves Pale Ale: Ready for the tribe to decide at our next and last home tap room tasting.

Positive WavesWe’ll see what the tasting folks have to say about this. We are looking forward to getting feedback on several new brews and variations next month. Stay tuned. Cheers!

Flagship Number Two: Quadzilla Belgian Quad.

10+% ABV but the complex malt backbone hides it extremely well. A Belgian Quad with heaps of tasty fruity esters, compliments of the Belgian Trappist yeast.  This has been a founders club favorite since last Spring!  We use homemade candi sugar in all of our belgian beers.Quadzilla[1]


Coming soon: Jalapeno Jack (and an IPA rotation) paired with Loco Perro Mexican Cuisine. Love it.


The only stress you will have this day will be deciding which amazing food items to order and whether to have the Jalapeno Jack with or without lime.


Jalapeno Jack is Here to Stay: Flagship Brew Number One of Two.

Jalapeno Jack

Mike’s Jalapeno Cream Ale will always be available for tastings and growler fills when we open in June. Stay tuned for flagship brew number 2… and the other 12 rotating in the number 3 and 4 spots in the lineup. The Belgian and IPA lovers won’t be disappointed.

Many thanks to the tasters who have come out since last summer! This one’s for you. We will pack into our small house and tap room just one more time in late April for some test batch tastings of new recipes before the brew barn opens.


Experimental brew day: Five small batches of Talking Backwards, our Belgian IPA, each with a different yeast. We look forward to having a lot of fun tasting this with our founders group and getting great feedback in about six weeks!

Great time today with the folks at iCRV Radio!

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