SKU: hoodie-long-sleeve-short---unisex-cut-men's-sizing


This is very soft T-shirt fabric. Slate Blue and Military Green with orange print on the front and white FOC IT on the sleeve wrist.

6 Comments on “Hoodie Long Sleeve Shirt – Unisex Cut Men’s Sizing”

    • Hi Erin, I responded to the other message from you. Although I botched the Christmas gift idea for you, I hope I can at least make it up to you a little bit!

  1. We are from Portland Oregon and visited your establishment in May amd loved it!! I actually got engaged there. Would love to order this shirt but not sure how to go about it. Thank you for your help.

    • Oh no! Sheila here, from FOC. Erin, I am just seeing this. Messages through the store were not visible to me – I am SO sorry. First of all, congratulations on your engagement and we are so honored that this happened here! I an going to check and see if we have any hoodies – I will get back to you in a bit. Again, my huge apologies.

    • Hi Erin. I have one small hoody with the cat logo on it – that’s all that is left. I do have an assortment of T-shirts with different logos, and a few 2/3 sleeve baseball shirts with two different logos. Can you tell me what size or sizes that you are interested in? Even if you don’t want to purchase anything I would like to send something to you. Also your address, please? Thank you.

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