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Saturday, August 13rd: OPEN


Yes. Here we go.Liquor Permit

The big dig: This should do it.


So close now. Please contact us with any questions or concerns – we have always been open to discussing absolutely any issue since we started this process last May. Thank you!

We just received our Alcoholic Beverages Distributor License from the state, which allows us to apply for the Liquor Permit with CT consumer protection. This is serious business, hence the reorganized document file. Cheers!

Federal approval just came in as well last week.TTBThis is huge for us, and now we move on the state requirements. Meanwhile, Mike is brewing some fantastic and creative beers in our soon-to-be small and outdated equipment (we will still use it for test batches). Cheers, and stay warm!

DEEP Approval and Files

We now have official approval on our Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plan from the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Thank you so much, UCONN Agricultural Extension Program, for your commitment and expertise. One step closer…

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this process. My folder is messy but extremely detailed and thorough!


January 7, 2016: Farm Brewery special permit was granted last night. I can’t thank folks enough for coming out to the meeting and speaking, for writing letters, for coming to tastings and for moral support. We are humbled and so grateful.

Fat Orange Cat Shirt

We have come a long way since starting this process last May 2015, and tomorrow, January 6th, our site specific public hearing opens for a special farm brewery permit. Before we could start this process, we had to work toward changing a law in town regarding the exchange of money for alcohol in a residential zone. That was our biggest hurdle to date, and, following four months of public hearing discussions and modifications,the regulation zone change officially passed in December. Hopefully we will be able to add Planning & Zoning Special Permit Approval to the list below, and really start moving toward our June 2016 projected opening.

Landmark progress points to date:

East Hampton, CT regulation zone change.

UCONN Agricultural Extension Waste/Nutrient Management Plan accepted by the CT DEEP (Department of Energy and Environmental Protection).

CT State Building Inspector waiver for additional barn restroom.

Abutter support.

Economic Development Commission support.

Local State representative support.

TTB (Alcohol Tobacco Trade Bureau) pending approval.

Great feedback and support from the community.






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