The Brewers.


Brewmaster Mike Klucznik received his first beer-making kit many years ago, but time and life got in the way of really getting into it. Several years ago, Mike’s daughter Karlin and her husband Don gave him a kit for Christmas, and he took off with it. Mike was brewing almost every weekend, and quickly switched to all-grain brewing. The time in life was perfect for him to completely delve into exploring all different kinds of beer brewing. Mike started winning home brew competitions in both CT and VT, and this led to the opening of Fat Orange Cat Brew Co.

Carla Waclawski works here with customers on the weekends, was our CT Distribution Manager, then became Assistant Brewer and is now our Head Brewer here at FOC. Carla is also a self-employed fine artist and freelance medical illustrator.

Carla Brewing Cropped

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