Artists & Artisans.



Many thanks to Brooklyn, NY – based illustrator Danie Drankwalter for her beautiful work and for capturing brewmaster Billy’s essence so perfectly.




Cheers to craftsman Thom Sawyer of Chatham Housewrights for making our tap handles!

Thom is a very talented architect, general contractor, timber framer and carpenter.
He is often here pouring tastings on Saturday afternoons, so stop in and ask him about his work – he built our beautiful bar as well!



Many thanks to Bruce Williams  for our Crowler label design. We love it!

Beverley Fisher

Bio: Raised in England, Beverley attended Grimsby College of Art before moving to the United States of America. She continued her education in the USA earning a Bachelors Dbeverley-fisheregree in Art Education from Central Connecticut University and her Masters from Wesleyan University with a concentration in Art.  Beverley currently resides in East Hampton, CT

I can’t thank Dave Erlandson and John enough for their artistry and engineering skills that went in to this parking area. The weather was awful and they had to deal with tons of hidden ledge. Dave walked the site with me and came up with practical and visually beautiful ideas. They are perfectionists and take great pride in their work. They also are the nicest guys. Definitely give Dave a call for your projects.

Lakeside Furniture

These chairs are stunning and extremely well-built.

Lakeside Chair


Richard Hatfield Kinetic and static welded sculptures. Richard and Edith Hatfield have a wonderful studio shop on Route 66 here in East Hampton, CT, usually open in fair weather on the weekends only.

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