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Leslie Herman is a Richmond, VA based illustrator and part-time adjunct professor at Virginia Commonwealth University. Leslie’s editorial clients include The New Yorker, New York Times, Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal. His album cover and concert poster illustrations include the bands Mike Gordon, Phish, The Southern Belles and Spoon.


Many thanks to Brooklyn, NY – based illustrator Danie Drankwalter for her beautiful work and for capturing brewmaster Billy’s essence so perfectly.




Lakeside Furniture

These chairs are stunning and extremely well-built.

Lakeside Chair

Tina McCurdy is a fine artist who uses a variety of mediums and surfaces in her work. She captures nature’s details in paint and pencil and is also known for her murals in the U.S., Canada and Europe (Eli Cannon’s in Middletown, CT is a wonderful example).

Carla Waclawski is not only our head brewer but also an artist, medical illustrator and creative professional. She loves to draw inspiration from the biological and natural world and create colorful paintings that spark curiosity and intrigue.

Richard Hatfield Kinetic and static welded sculptures. Richard and Edith Hatfield have a wonderful studio shop on Route 66 here in East Hampton, CT, usually open in fair weather on the weekends only.

William “dalabil” Potvin is a southeastern CT artist who specializes in site specific installations, sculpture, facades and wall hangings.

He believes in employing reclaimed and natural materials to educate on the benefits of reusability and the potential effects of consumerism.  His work acts as a catalyst to rise awareness around environmental issues concerning our world today.

Dalabil has been working professionally alongside his art collective, The Department of Visual Consciousness, since 1999.

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