OPEN AIR DRIVE-THRU COMING SOON (Probably Saturday with orders starting tomorrow). As soon as I figure this out I’ll get details out there.

FOC NickiWe will be offering small batch Crowlers and large batch 4-packs. Some small batch that’s ready to go are the new stout FEC IT, ALL CATS ARE GRAY IN THE DARK, YOU CAN HAVE THIS ONE, COWGIRL Maple stout. Some large batch beers we’re getting ready with are FEED ME A STRAY CAT(Collab with Nightmare Brewing Co.), BABY KITTENS, BRUNO and LITTLE BLACK CATS.

We have a circular drive that we’ll take advantage of, will be sanitizing not only the inside of the Crowlers but the outside as well, will have your order ready outside on a table as you drive by and will wave to you from afar.

THE UPSIDE DOWN photo by Nicole Muhlberg (feels appropriate).

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